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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Acupuncture Treatment
  • Does alternative medicine have any side effects ?

    Alternative medicine are widely accepted because of the fact that it has no serious side effects.

  • Are the acupressure tools safe?

    Completely. Most tools are made of wood, stainless steel; they are pre-sterilized.

  • What does online therapies work?

    We have many type of therapies which can be perform through distance mode, as these therapies belong to energy system so its easy to work from distance as well and diet chart and yogic chart can follow.

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You can consult for any disease, Pain, Physical , Mental , Emotional (Psychological) , Social & Spiritual Problems also can get Counselling for your Career according to your personality.

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15 Years of Quality Service in<span> Acupuncture therapies</span>

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Individual Approach

We provide treatment and session one to one as anyone can book appointment and tell your problems then we consult and provide best solution according to situation.

Friendly Atmosphere

We provide a friendly atmosphere so patient can share their problems easily.

With a Touch of Kindness

We provide treatment in a very well and genuine way so people feel very comfortable.

Advanced Proven Procedures

We have lots of advance treatment which help very fast and provides result in few days

Most Effective Treatment

Treatment are very effective and result for log and fix the problems forever.

Certified Therapist

We have certified Doctor and Therapist who have good knowledge with great experience.